In Conversation

with Trevor Sherwin on Photography as a Therapeutic Tool

  • Jun 2024
  • Landscape · Photography as a Therapeutic Tool

    What you will learn in this course.

    Join landscape photographer Trevor Sherwinfor this free discussion on using photography to instigate change within your lifestyle. Trevor will discuss how to use photography as a way to express yourself, and as a way to channel your energy. Photography can be great for destressing regardless of what camera you use. This course was supported by FujiFilm.

    Trevor's love of photographing the world has grown stronger over the years. Connecting with nature in this way can be fantastic for your mental health.

    Trevor will talk through how it all began; how he uses photography to change the narrative; and what's next for him.

    You can view this event on the Wex YouTube channel. Register here for a reminder.

    #WexHowTo #ChangeTheImage #MentalHealthAwareness

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    Trevor Sherwin

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