Night-time and Low-light

Night-time and Low-light

These online events will feature high-level professionals who specialise in night-time and low-light photography. We will talk about how to choose the right camera, lens and telescopes, alongside practical techniques. Our photographers and filmmakers will give you advice on how to capture night-time and low-light topics. From star trails and moon cycles to street-lit walks and dinner by candlelight, our courses and talks provide the perfect place to learn on the go. Did we mention they’re free?  

These photography and video courses are available internationally and can be watched at any time.  

Expertly led by professionals

Astrophotography is photography of astronomical bodies and celestial events including stars, the moon, the sun, planets, asteroids, and galaxies; whilst low-light filmmaking and photography refers to a lack of ambient light. These events are led by professionals who have based their career around the art of the night-time or night sky photography, and low-light filmmaking

Supported by
 the worlds leading brands

These events are all supported by leading brands such as Sony, Canon, Panasonic LUMIX, Nikon, Olympus and Fujifilm.

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Our #ChangeTheImage campaign showcases a selection of talented individuals from a variety of backgrounds, exploring the benefits of photography as a tool to provide therapy, raise awareness and drive social change.


Frequently asked questions

  • How much do your online events costs?

    Our online events are completely free of charge. Just visit our website on a desktop, laptop or mobile phone. Our in-store events range from £7.00 - £49.00.

  • Are your online events recorded so I can watch them on-demand?

    Yes. Our online courses are available to watch over on the Wex YouTube channel at any time.

  • What brands do you work with?

    We host events from a huge variety of brands. This includes but is not limited to; Blackmagic, Canon, Capture One, DJI, Fujifilm, Hasselblad, Ilford, Manfrotto, Martin Parr Foundation, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic LUMIX, Pentax, Profoto, Sennheiser, Sigma and Sony.

  • How do I know if these events are for me?

    These events offer tips and tricks around portraiture in both photography and video. They are suitable for audiences of any age.

  • Can I show you my work if I make something after watching an event?

    Yes. Tag us at #WexHowTo and we will feature the best work on our social channels.