In Conversation

Leonie Hampton on OCD Awareness

  • May 2022
  • Documentary · Photography as a Therapeutic Tool

What you will learn in this course.

Join artist and photographer Leonie Hampton for this free talk on using photography to change narratives around mental health difficulties. Leonie will discuss techniques to help you look at photography as a way to inform the narrative and raise awareness of OCD. This course is supported by Sony UK.

'In the Shadow of Things follows Léonie's family in their daily lives as she visits them, but reveals in an extraordinary freshness of approach, working in a flexible and natural way, using colour and ambient light, and no artificial effects. This lets her garner moments of tenderness, children’s games, instants of anguish and pain. This is not a narrative or a story, strictly speaking. Rather, it follows life and its threads as they weave together; taking us far beyond mere demonstration and making us each look into the real world.' Christian Cajoulle.

Leonie will talk through how it all began; how she uses photography to raise awareness; and what's next for her.

Image by Leonie Hampton.

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Leonie Hampton

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