In Conversation

with Abbie Traylor-Smith on Tackling Body Dysmorphia

  • Jun 2024
  • Documentary · Photography as a Therapeutic Tool · Portraiture

    What you will learn in this course.

    Join award-winning photographer Abbie Traylor-Smith for this free discussion on using photography to instigate change. Abbie will discuss her project 'The Big O' which is an intimate photographic portrayal of childhood obesity and the stigma surrounding it.

    The Big O explores themes of body dismorphia; the work reveals the anguish, the humility and extraordinary courage of those on the other side of her lens. In the project, we meet Shannon. Shannon allows us to follow her journey through childhood obesity and stigma surrounding it. Her hope is to remove the blame, shame, stigma and and taboo surrounding what we look like. The aim is to explore the complexity of the subject matter and the wider youthful experience of insecurity and disquiet.

    Abbie Trayler-Smith is an award-winning portrait and documentary photographer, specialising in capturing human beings; her work often explores social and economic issues. Often challenging, sometimes tinged with wry humour, but always beautifully crafted and created, Abbie’s work is exquisitely personal and naturally observational.

    Abbie will talk through how it all began; how she uses photography to change the narrative; and what's next for her.

    You can view this event on the Wex YouTube channel. Register here for a reminder.

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    Abbie Traylor-Smith

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