In Conversation

with Pierre Bureau on Community Photography

  • Jun 2024
  • Documentary · In Conversation · Photography as a Therapeutic Tool
  • 4.15

What you will learn in this course.

Join award-winning photographer Pierre Bureau for this free discussion on using photography to instigate change. Pierre will discuss his project 'The Care Factory' which is an intimate photographic portrayal of care homes in the UK and the stigma around them.

The project follows Kelly and the many others who do this work and the care they give to those in need of assistance. Care homes are often seen as factorys; endless tasks repeated daily. It's easy to forget that you are dealing with human beings and not just ‘service users’.

Pierre uses photography as a therapeutic tool himself; following a trip to India, he began suffering from severe mental health difficulties. This led him to purchase a camera to encourage him to get out and about. Taking photographs began as a way to escape reality, but quickly led to creating work that connects the audience to raw, human issues that impact much of soceity.

Pierre will talk through how it all began; how he uses photography to change the narrative; and what's next for him.

You can view this event on the Wex YouTube channel. Register here for a reminder.

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Pierre Bureau

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