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Normalise Body Positivity in Photography

  • Sep 2020
  • Women in the Industry

What you will learn in this course.

Women in the Industry was launched in 2017 to showcase the talented female photographers, filmmakers and DoPs succeeding in a traditionally male-dominated space. The aim is to encourage and sustain equal representation, and to inspire young women with a passion to create.

Working, learning and finding inspiration at home can be tough so we've taken our events online to bring you photo and video resources, wherever you are.

Join pro photographer and artist Alex Cameron for this free live webinar on capturing honest and powerful portraits. In the session, Alex will focus on the need for body positive images, the limitations of social media, and share examples of her current project.

The session will cover choice of location, gear and techniques to keep your subjects engaged and relaxed. Alex will be on hand during the broadcast to answer your questions live.  

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Alex Cameron

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