How To Redefine Beauty Through Portraiture

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Join award-winning photographer and artist Kristina Varaksina for this free behind-the-scenes piece on her unique style of portraiture. This course is supported by Fujifilm. We will be talking to her project 'The Essence of Beauty', alongside gaining insight into how she creates these stunning images.

'The Essence of Beauty' gives a voice to ordinary women, female and non-binary identifying individuals from different ethnic, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds. It aims to expand our understanding of beauty, and explore what we value in ourselves and and in others. Each portrait is an observation and a contemplation; an attempt to outwardly express an internal narrative, to amplify the voice of the subject.

The piece will cover:

• An in-depth discussion around the project.

• Kit requirements.

• Creating a comfortable environment for your subjects.

• Capturing the final image.

• Q&A around the aims of, and ambitions for the project.

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Kristina Varaksina


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