In Conversation Louis Quail on Fighting Stigma

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Join pro photographer Louis Quail for this free discussion on using photography to inform the narrative and fight stigma. Louis will discuss his project 'Big Brother' which is an intimate photographic portrayal of his brother Justin and his struggles with schizophrenia. Louis will discuss how the camera can help to celebrate the individual outside of the condition, whilst educating the public on the topic of schizophrenia. This course is supported by Canon.

'Big Brother' utilises multiple sources of documentation to show Justin's life from different perspectives; his art, Louis' photographs and narration, and the juxtaposition with medical and police records. The work reveals a system in crisis, but at its heart is a love story and a project that values and celebrates those suffering from mental health. This course is supported by Canon.

Louis will talk through how it all began; how he using photography to change the narrative; and what's next for him.

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Louis Quail


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