In Conversation

with Amak Mahmoodian on Representation & Politics

  • Mar 2023
  • Documentary · Women in the Industry
  • 5 minutes

What you will learn in this course.

Join artist Amak Mahmoodianfor this free behind-the-scenes piece on her work around Iranian identity and community. Her work questions notions of identity and home, bridging a space between personal and political. She explores the effects of exile and distance on memory, dreams and daily life through imagery.

The piece will cover:

• An in-depth discussion around the women featured in the work.

• Making your subjects comfortable.

• Capturing the final image.

• Q&A around the aims of, and ambitions for the project.

Whether used for stills photography or filmmaking, a camera offers the user a unique opportunity to tell a story. Here at Wex, we recognise the value of those stories and believe they all deserve to be heard, as they provide an insight into the spectrum of human experiences lived across a nation of creative people. Our #ChangeTheImage campaign showcases a selection of talented individuals from a variety of backgrounds, exploring the benefits of photography as a tool to provide therapy, raise awareness and drive social change.

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Meet the speaker

Amak Mahmoodian

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