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Use Photography in Academia

  • Oct 2022
  • In Conversation · Photography as a Therapeutic Tool

What you will learn in this course.

Join photographic artist, consultant and producer Daniel Regan for this free short course on exploring photography as a tool to aid academic research. Daniel has been collaborating with Dr. Sarah Yardley on a new research project exploring social issues such as end-of-life care and treatment for those experiencing mental health difficulties. Together, their collaboration aims to investigate of what best practice looks like in the realms of care.

Almost half a decade after we first met Daniel, his photography has developed to be an invaluable way to cope with mental health issues, providing a universal language to explore complex emotions and open a dialogue with others. His exploration of Sarah’s research through imagery and sound has been instrumental to the project, as has the research Sarah has undertaken. We’ll talk to how to collaborate on a project like this, how the partnership came about, and what both Sarah and Daniel wish to achieve through this academic research and study.

Daniel will talk through how it all began; how he got involved in creating socially engaged work; and what's next for him.

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Meet the speaker

Daniel Regan

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