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Photograph Olympic Sport with Bob Martin

  • Jun 2024
  • Sports
  • 15

What you will learn in this course.

Bob will begin this talk by sharing his experience as a press and sports photographer, discussing how to fulfil an open brief. Bob will talk through photographing fast, high-action sports for both press and on a more creative advertising level.

The course will cover:

  • Career advice; inspiration, failure and recovery.
  • Gear and benefits of shooting Sony Mirrorless
  • Importance of lens variation
  • How to work in press and advertising

About Bob Martin

Bob Martin is a multi-award-winning sports photographer specialising in shooting sports and action pictures for advertising, corporate and editorial clients.

With 30 years of professional experience, Bob has travelled the world and photographed all major sporting events, from the last fifteen Summer and Winter Olympics to Elephant Polo and Horse Racing on ice. His photographs have been published in numerous publications, including Sports Illustrated, Time, Newsweek, Life Magazine, Stern, Paris Match, Bunte, L’Equipe, The Sunday Times and the New York Times to mention just a few.

This session is supported by Sony.

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Meet the speaker

Bob Martin

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