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Photograph Motorbike Racing

  • Jul 2022
  • Sports

What you will learn in this course.

Join pro track photographer and Sony shooter Joel Cooper for this free tutorial behind the scenes at Donington Park Circuit. Joel is an expert motorsports photographer focused on motorbikes in particular. We'll be heading over to a pro race day with Joel to get you the best tips when working in real-life situations. He will open up about his ideation and processes, alongside the importance of speed when choosing gear. This event is supported by Sony UK.

The tutorial will cover:

• Planning (media passes), location/scouting races, and setup.

• Kit requirements with a focus on speed, weight and lens variation. 

• Settings.

• Working in a fast-paced environment; how to get the best out of unpredictable subjects.

• Tips and tricks for his particular style of work.

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Meet the speaker

Joel Cooper

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