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Create Socially Engaged Work

  • May 2022
  • Documentary · Photography as a Therapeutic Tool

What you will learn in this course.

Join photographic artist, consultant and producer Daniel Regan for this free short course on exploring photography as a tool to communicate, process and heal. 5 years ago, we interviewed Daniel as part of our #MoreThanAnImage series, 'Photography Save my Life.'

This course is supported by Canon.

Almost half a decade later, we wanted to see where Daniel's work has taken him. For Daniel, photography is an invaluable way to cope with mental health issues, providing a universal language to explore complex emotions and open a dialogue with others. Over the last 5 years, he has been committed to helping others through their journeys. His blog Fragmentary has been an invaluable tool for others to discuss how art and photography can help remove stigma, and provide a voice for those struggling to communicate their own narrative.

Daniel will talk through how it all began; how he got involved in creating socially engaged work; and what's next for him. This course is supported by Canon.

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Daniel Regan

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