Storytelling through Stills with Alys Tomlinson & Sony

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This September, we turn our attention to #WomenInTheIndustry, celebrating the success of female creatives who are working to change the way we see the world.

Join pro photographer and Sony World Photography Award winner Alys Tomlinson for this free masterclass on storytelling through stills. Tomlinson's recent projects explore the untold stories of the women living in the Sanctuary Of Our Lady of Lourdes; and follows the story of a young nun named Vera. She has also worked on a project documenting British teenagers meandering through Prom night in a Covid-centric world. This talk is sponsored by Sony. 

During this session, Alys will talk us through her inspiration for the project alongside how it came to be, inclusive of research, preparation and practical shooting.

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Alys Tomlinson


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