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Nature & Wildlife with Capture One

  • Sep 2021
  • Post-production

What you will learn in this course.

Join pro photographer and Capture One Channel Manager María Pérez-Cejuela for another exclusive masterclass. In this interactive session, María will present a comprehensive rundown on editing nature & wildlife shots in Capture One.

Along with some of her own images, Maria will also be editing some of your nature & wildlife files live. For a chance to have your image expertly edited during the session with the most powerful set of tools in any RAW converter, submit a file of your choice when registering*. If you would rather not submit an image, you are welcome to register as normal and enjoy the masterclass regardless.

María herself will be on hand during the session to answer your questions live.

* To submit an image to be edited, upload it using your preferred file-sharing tool (Dropbox, Google Drive, Gofile, Hightail, SugarSync etc.) and then include the download link in the appropriate field when registering for a ticket. María will download a select few and use them as editing examples. Sharing this link gives María the right to edit your image during the masterclass, which will remain as a video on YouTube indefinitely. You remain the sole owner of the the copyright to your image, and it will not be used for any purpose other than this masterclass and the resultant video. Submitting an image does not guarantee inclusion in the masterclass. Submitting an image is not required to attend this event.

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Meet the speaker

María Pérez-Cejuela

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