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Astro Photography with Capture One

  • Oct 2020
  • Post-production

What you will learn in this course.

Join pro photographer and Capture One Channel Manager María Pérez-Cejuela for another exclusive masterclass. In this session, María will present a comprehensive rundown on layer capabilities when editing the night sky, making full use of Capture One's ability to organise and catalogue work.

During the masterclass, María will show you how to establish a safe and fast workflow and how to adapt it to your particular requirements. She will cover the capabilities and functionalities Capture One has to assist you with all your photographic needs.  

María will be on hand during the broadcast to answer your questions live.

The session will cover:

  • Masking the sky and foreground.
  • Applying selective clarity – bringing out stars.
  • Adjusting contrast – using levels.
  • Dealing with light pollution.
  • Finding colour balance between sky and foreground.

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Image credit © Martín Zalba (IG: @martinzalba) and © Andreu Vicent (IG: @andreujaja)

Meet the speaker

María Pérez-Cejuela

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