Culture and Community Support with Andy Hoang and Tony Tran

  • May 2021
  • Celebrating Cultural Diversity · Editorial

What you will learn in this course.

Whether used for stills photography or filmmaking, a camera offers the user a unique opportunity to tell a story. Here at Wex Photo Video, we recognise the value of those stories and believe they all deserve to be heard, as they provide an insight into the spectrum of human experiences lived across a nation of creative people.

Our #ChangeTheImage campaign showcases a selection of talented individuals from a variety of cultural backgrounds, all of whom live and work in the UK. Join us from 24th May for a week of inspiring, entertaining and educational events that reflect the diverse passions, skills and views of our community.

Andy Hoang is a first generation English born Vietnamese photographer who has been published on the front covers of magazines from London to New York as well as working with brands nationwide. He’s inspired by edgy, sleek and glossy styles such as old school grunge to modern couture.

Born in Vevey in 1992 to a traditional Vietnamese family, Tony Tran moved from Switzerland to London in 2015. He was introduced to fashion by Polish photographer Paulina Surys and went on assisting her for a few months. Tony then made a trip to New York City where he made his first attempts as a photographer and began his career with a portrait of Mary Wang which found its way to Vogue Netherlands and a story featured on i-D Mexico.

This talk is supported by Profoto.

This masterclass will cover:

- How the project came to exist and how they built the community of Asian creatives.

- Planning, prep and storyboarding for a large shoot.

- Why it is important to diversify your models and creative teams.

- Shooting and collaborating: storytelling and sharing passions.

- Tips and tricks on how to create integral societal changes and encourage/celebrate community.

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Andy Hoang and Tony Tran

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