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Creating a Short Film

  • Apr 2022
  • Filmmaking

What you will learn in this course.

Join the incredibly talented Ben Piper for a five-part deep-dive into creating a short film. This course is supported by Canon UK. Ben has worked as content creator and production lead. He will be walking through how to create a short film from start to finish. You do not need prior video knowledge to participate in this online course. We'll be using the Canon R5C to talk through settings and options.

17th March 2022 - 4pm - 4.30pm

Week one - introduction, planning and prep:

  • Introduction to Ben Piper and the type of work he creates.
  • Planning locations/interviewee.
  • Understanding your style and what to shoot.
  • Shot list.
  • Summary of what's coming up.

24th March 2022 - 4pm - 4.30pm

Week two - deep dive into gear:

  • Camera selection - what camera to choose and why; what settings Ben goes for; how to set up your camera up. We will be using the Canon R5 C to run through both basic and advanced settings.
  • Lens selection - what you need to get the best shots on the move, keeping weight and speed in mind; think angles and location space.
  • Audio - what you need and how to set up your audio correctly.
  • Tripod - how to make the right decision to balance, stability and run-and-gun.
  • Accessories and extras - we'll talk through the bear minimum of kit you need, with some options to enhance your footage.
  • Hard Drive - we'll discuss storage options focused on the LaCie Rugged system.

31st March 2022 - 4pm - 4.30pm

Week three - interviewing on location:

  • Camera set up and setting choices to get a beautiful interview piece.
  • Lens choices alongside filters for more natural lighting set ups.
  • Composition and angles.
  • Lighting set up and choice - we'll also talk to usability.
  • Audio walkthrough on location; how to check your audio and give yourself the best chance to succeed.
  • Your model - this will usually be a business owner, not used to being on camera. We'll cover how to make someone comfortable in this situation.
  • Questions - what types of content do you need to contextualise your short film.
  • Practical shooting tutorial.

7th April 2022 - 4pm - 4.30pm

Week four - contextualising your interview/ showcasing your environment:

  • Camera set up and setting choices for more creative shots, slow-motion and b-roll.
  • Lens choices for close up/ run-and-gun.
  • What to look for to add context; composition, movement and angling.
  • Scene selection for optimal results to enhance the full travel story - what are you looking for contextualise the interview piece.
  • Practical shooting.

14th April 2022 - 4pm - 4.30pm

Week five - introduction to editing

  • Selecting software for edit - free and paid-for choices.
  • Importing footage - how to work with large file sizes
  • Splicing clips together and cutting clips.
  • Overlaying text and logos.
  • Music choices and audio checks.
  • Grading - this will be brief, but we will discuss options for basic grading.
  • Importance of storage and backing up your work with LaCie.
  • Take away tips and tricks from the full course.

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