In Conversation

Carolyn Mendelsohn on 'Being in Between)

  • Mar 2022
  • Women in the Industry

What you will learn in this course.

This course is in association with Fixation.

Join portrait photographer and filmmaker Carolyn Mendelsohn for this live Q&A discussing her project 'Being Inbetween'. This beautiful project depicts 90 young women aged between ten and twelve, exploring the complex transition between childhood and young adulthood. This course is supported by Nikon UK.

Carolyn will be talking about her personal projects, how they have developed and how they tie in with her photography journey and have influenced her commissioned work.  Sharing the techniques she has used, the stories and insights she has gained on the way, this in-conversation will provide inspiration for all photographers, particularly those who want to develop their own body of work.

You will be able to ask Carolyn questions throughout this live interview.

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Carolyn Mendelsohn

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