Behind the Scenes | Shooting a Distillery with Blackmagic

  • Nov 2022
  • Documentary · Filmmaking

    What you will learn in this course.

    An exploration into high-level filmmaking with a production crew at the East London Liquor Company with Kris Bilski and Blackmagic.

    You can watch this BTS over on the YouTube. You can register here.

    Kris Bilski owns a production company and works as a DoP and high-level filmmakers across a multitude of projects. During this session he will walkthrough how he goes about fulfilling a brief to shoot a promo video for the East London Liquor Company.

    This behind the scenes piece will give you insight into the professional working practice of a production team and filmmaker, from lighting panels and to camera techniques. We'll talk through how he tells the story and history of a company, and how he captures footage in this low-light environment. Alongside discussing some of the stunning shots from the video, we'll go through some of the features and specs that make the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6K Pro his choice of camera. This course is supported by Blackmagic.

    The BTS will cover:

    • Planning and prep; shot list.

    • Kit requirements; lighting, camera and unique lens choices.

    • What to look for when choosing gear for these environments; high quality codecs, flexible recording options, high dynamic range and full intergration with DaVinci resolve.

    • How to shoot like a pro; what shots elevate your work to stand out from others.

    • Tips and tricks for his particular style of work; we will also showcase the final promo piece.


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    Kris Bilski

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