Virtual Analogue Walk & Developing Film

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Join Ilford expert and all-round street & travel photographer Matt Parry for this free masterclass around film, analogue photography and home developing. In the session, Matt will focus on understanding types of film and cameras, analogue street photography in Liverpool, and how to easily develop black & white film at home. This tutorial will allow you to work alongside Matt wherever you are.

The masterclass will cover:

• Choosing your film and loading your camera.

• Settings and technical requirements - taking photographs.

• Unloading your camera and developing your film at home.

• Processing your images.

• Tips & tricks for shooting analogue.

Kit used in the making of this video: - Sony A7S III - - Lumix S5 - - Ilford Rapid Fixer - - Ilford ILFOSTOP - - Ilford Developer - - Ilford Wetting Agent - - Ilford DELTA 400 Professional 35mm Film - - Calumet Film Changing Bag -

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