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Photograph Astro in the Canadian Rockies

  • Sep 2020
  • Night-time and Low-light · Women in the Industry

What you will learn in this course.

Women in the Industry was launched in 2017 to showcase the talented female photographers, filmmakers and DoPs succeeding in a traditionally male-dominated space. The aim is to encourage and sustain equal representation, and to inspire young women with a passion to create.

Join Sony Alpha Creator and pro photographer Rachel Jones Ross for this free masterclass on astro photography whilst she hikes through the Canadian Rockies. In the session, Rachel will focus on gear and technical requirements, location and timing, and share examples of her current works. This in-depth tutorial will allow you to shoot alongside Rachel wherever you are.

Rachel will take you through her working processes on-location, as she shoots in the stunning scenery of the Canadian Rockies. This wide-open mountain range offers ice-capped peaks, glacier-fed lakes and a vast expansion of natural wonders; a perfect backdrop for capturing stills and time-lapses of the star-scattered skies.

The tutorial will cover:

• Planning, scouting and location choice.

• Timings – prime months and hours for astro photography.

• Selecting the right gear.

• Setup and preparation.

• Settings and technical requirements.

• Shooting in extreme environments.

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Meet the speaker

Rachel Jones Ross

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