How To Moving to Cine Lenses with Russell Kent Nicholls

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Join pro filmmaker Russell Kent Nicholls and Sigma for this free online masterclass on moving to Cine Lenses. Russell will run through the advantages of upgrading to Cine lenses, and how they can improve your filmmaking. This shoot will be on location showcasing the lenses on a music and fashion/editorial shoot. He will be on hand during the session to answer your questions live.

The masterclass will cover:

• Planning and storyboarding; do you need to move into the Cine range?

• BTS of shooting with Cine Lenses.

• Gear and technical requirements; smooth focus and shorter focus throw.

• Discussing work styles, techniques and shooting; BTS on an editorial fashion & music shoot.

• Tips & tricks on filmmaking, run-and-gun shooting and working on an editorial fashion & music shoot.

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