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Hard light adds dimension, depth, and complexity to your subjects and creates a strong sense of drama. The high-contrast nature of hard light gives photos an edgy, gritty look, making it perfect for photographing still life, products, food and drinks.

To find out more about how to use hard light for still life photography, we’ve asked for help from professional food, drink and still life photographer, Scott Choucino. Scott will be the host of our next webinar on the 18th of May, where he will cover the following:

• How to make any item interesting

• How to achieve super sharp shadows

• How to get perfect colours for your images, plus a few tips on Tethering workflow.

As usual, there’ll be a 10–15-minute Q&A session at the end, so make sure to register and join us live so you can ask Scott all your hard lighting questions.

About Scott

Scott Choucino is a professional food photographer based in the UK, represented by Lisa Pritchard Agency. He is an AOP-accredited photographer and has worked on a host of worldwide print and digital media campaigns for household names, such as Papa John’s, Ocado, Tribe, Doritos to name a few.

Scott works out of his studio in Leicester with his Ragdoll cat, Moggy. Follow Scott’s huger-inducing Instagram account here: and his YouTube channel:

You can register for your ticket here.

Scott Choucino