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Embrace Diversity and Inclusion in Photography

  • Multiple dates
  • Wex Photo Video | London

What you will learn at this event.

Join us for a studio portrait workshop led by esteemed artist Anna Neubauer on diversifying your portfolio.

Anna will begin this workshop by sharing her experiences and journey to becoming a professional photographer. Accompanied by a model, Anna will unveil the art of telling stories through images as you learn to connect with your subjects on a deeper level. Learn how to establish a comfortable atmosphere and guide your subjects for genuine expressions and poses.

In the practical section of this event, Anna will showcase how to work with a variation of natural and artificial lighting alongside framing and composing images.

The tutorial will cover:

• Concept and ideation
• Planning and setup
• Different lighting set-ups
• Effective communication with models
• How to set up your camera and get the best images possible

This session is supported by Canon.

About Anna Neubauer

Anna Neubauer, an Austrian photographer and visionary artist now based in London, discovered her creative sanctuary within self-portraiture. Anna's artistic path evolved from these introspective beginnings into a remarkable journey of defying conventional beauty norms.

Guided by an unyielding desire to illuminate the beauty of diversity, Anna crafts narratives that celebrate self-love and resilience. Her work is a testament to the power of vulnerability, revealing hidden strengths within imperfections.

Recognised as the Adobe Rising Star of Photography in 2021, Anna's artistry has resonated with notable brands like Condé Nast, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Adobe. Her images grace esteemed platforms such as British Vogue, Forbes, and The Guardian, each frame reshaping perceptions and challenging the confines of traditional beauty standards.

What you will need

• Camera & Batteries 
• Memory Card 

Meet the speaker

Anna Neubauer

Where the event is taking place.

Wex Photo Video | London
37-39 Commercial Road,
London, E1 1LF

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