BTS with Somersault Production House & Blackmagic Design

  • Jun 2021

    What you will learn in this course.


    Zoom link shared prior to the start of this talk. Check out Somersault's work here.

    Join us for an evening with Somersault Agency and find out how this top marketing and production agency has adapted and continued to be successful over the last year. Somersault agency has been building YouTube channels, producing branded content and developing video-based apps since 2012. We'll explore some of the agencies recent work and their growth plans.


    In this informal session with their creative team, you’ll find out how they’ve utilised live production techniques based on Blackmagic Design products to continue to deliver high-end content through the pandemic. 


    This networking evening will talk about:


    • How Covid impacted them and how the business adapted.

    • How they utilised strong client relationships and pre-planned projects to keep momentum.

    • Their decision to use Blackmagic Design’s live production tools and how it has been implemented.

    • An overview of their Blackmagic production workflow and how it integrated with their existing kit.

    • How they built an in-house studio utilising the space they had available.


    The Somersault team will also speak about how they’ve supported their clients, how they’ve kept the company current and dynamic, along with their thoughts on how these new “virtual” events and products will continue to fare post-pandemic.


    Don’t miss this opportunity to see this informal, industry-focused seminar and ask your questions as well.


    Zoom link shared prior to the start of this talk. Check out Somersault's work here.

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