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ZEISS Videography Masterclass with Jonathan Edwards and Wex Photo VideoZEISS Videography Masterclass with Jonathan Edwards and Wex Photo VideoZEISS Videography Masterclass with Jonathan Edwards and Wex Photo Video


ZEISS Videography Masterclass with Jonathan Edwards and Wex Photo Video

  • Days: 2

ZEISS Videography Masterclass with Jonathan Edwards and Wex Photo Video 

Tuesday 4th June & Wednesday 5th June, 8am – 5pm

Carberry Tower Mansion House, Musselburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH21 8PY


Inclusive of accommodation, a three-course meal in the evening and catering throughout the two days.


ZEISS are delighted to be teaming up with ZEISS Ambassador Jonathan Edwards, (Naïve Studio), to offer you a Videography Masterclass. The masterclass will take place at the beautiful Carberry Tower in Edinburgh.        

Over the course of the two day masterclass, Jonathan and his team will provide a comprehensive overview on what is required to generate high-end, visually appealing content without having to invest huge sums of money into premium cinematography equipment.

Jonathan will run through a variety of different practical sessions from tracking shots with a model, time-lapse and cinematic architectural shots through to the important aspect of editing and post production.

In partnership with a number of supporting brands, delegates will be provided with equipment to use over the course of the two days including:

  • Sony Camera
  • ZEISS Lenses
  • Manfrotto Tripod and Videohead
  • Rotolight Lighting

The only thing that you are encouraged to bring with you is a suitable memory card to allow you to take home any content that you have been working on at the end of the masterclass.

Representatives from each brand will be present to assist you and answer any questions you may have regarding the equipment or techniques.

Schedule – Day One

Morning Session:

The masterclass will start with an introduction and presentation from Jonathan Edwards and his team. The introduction will cover how to transition from photography to film and cinematography, and outline some examples of their work. You will then be presented with the equipment that has been provided for the masterclass, as well as a brief run through on what you can expect from the 2 days ahead with shoot-lists provided.

Afternoon Session:

Initial shooting session, working externally with some architectural shots and gimbal work in the grounds of the venue. Utilising models for tracking shots, working with slow-motion and what lenses to select throughout the process to help the visual storytelling. The afternoon will then be concluded with shoot-lists completed and then backing up of all content generated.


Evening Meal


Schedule - Day Two

Morning Session:

An early start to the date in order to capture the morning light with some time-lapse work with the use of wide-angle lenses, moving onto utilising shadows when it comes to working with models. The aim will be to finish with cinematic building/architectural shots - all before breakfast! It will then be an opportunity to get any extra shots you need, with further ideas encouraged from the group to round off the morning shooting session.

Afternoon Session:

The afternoon session will focus on the editing and post production aspects of the workflow. Jonathan and the team will walk you through the process, from removing the SD card from the camera all the way through to exporting a high quality film. Covering all exciting elements from titles, select downs, cutting the edit, colour grading and various export options, you will experience the complete process. This session will take the format of a classroom workshop format and will be an open forum, encouraging attendees to ask as many questions as they wish.

Naïve Studio Team     Workshop Lead: Jonathan Edwards     |     Assistants: Jakub Taylor & Jason Turner


This includes the two day masterclass, accommodation for two nights at Carberry Tower (Monday & Tuesday Night including Breakfast), 3-course dinner, lunch, and refreshments throughout each day. All kit will be provided with the exception of a memory card.


Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards is an award winning Director of Photography based in the UK. Specialising in high-end creative, commercial and branded content. Some of the international brands he has worked for include Adidas, Sony, Carl Zeiss and Titel Media.