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Wild expeditions with Tesni Ward | Women in the IndustryWild expeditions with Tesni Ward | Women in the Industry

Women in the Industry

Wild expeditions with Tesni Ward | Women in the Industry

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Wild expeditions with Tesni Ward | Women in the Industry

Open to all. 


Saturday 28th September, 12pm – 3pm



It is that time of year again where, here at Wex, we celebrate the female photographers we work with throughout the year by hosting one action-packed day in 13 locations all around the UK at the same time. Our Women in the Industry series features female photographers, videographers and editors covering all genres, showcasing the incredible work that they do and taking a step forward for equality.

Sheffield based wildlife photographer Tesni Ward joins us on a seminar about her adventures in the wild, her images and stories of her shoots to promote the importance of conservation when working with natural habitats. Her talk will go through her experiences good and bad, understanding the challenges and limits you go through as a wildlife photographer, and how to develop a portfolio in the most challenging of situations.

Tesni has travelled the globe to study and shoot her subjects; from bears in Alaska; cheetahs in Africa; pelicans in Greece and Puffins in Yorkshire. As a practising photographer, Olympus ambassador and conservationist, Tesni uses the OMD EM1X system along with Pro series zoom lenses.


Tesni Ward

Tesni Ward

In 2016 Tesni decided to take the step to becoming a full time photographer. She now aspires to use her images and stories to promote conservation and to educate the public on how to help protect the many species currently under threat from human activity.
She regularly works on projects with individual species, developing a deep appreciation and understanding of them before using this to help raise awareness. She also runs regular workshops and tours, not only to help others capture beautiful images and teach individuals the art of photography but also to give them the opportunity to experience how magical the natural world is.