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Portraits at speed with Indira Flack | Women in the IndustryPortraits at speed with Indira Flack | Women in the IndustryPortraits at speed with Indira Flack | Women in the Industry

Women in the Industry

Portraits at speed with Indira Flack | Women in the Industry

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Portraits at speed with Indira Flack | Women in the Industry

Open to all.


Saturday 28th September, 2pm – 4pm



It is that time of year again where, here at Wex, we celebrate the female photographers we work with throughout the year by hosting one action-packed day, in 13 locations all around the UK at the same time. Our Women in the Industry series features female photographers, videographers and editors covering all genres, showcasing the incredible work that they do and taking a step forward for equality.

In this seminar, editorial portrait photographer Indira Flack, will be speaking about her approach when working on high-profile briefs and glossy magazines within a tight timeframe.

Getting the shot is no easy task, especially when you only have a limited amount of time. Simplifying and breaking down the process, Indria explains how a portrait photographer’s job is mostly focused around the subject and how "becoming the sitter’s best friend for 30 minutes" can make all the difference. Pick up tips and hear the stories behind the images of her personal and corporate work, and prepare yourself for your next portrait brief.

The expert

Indira's most recent project with Great British racing drivers, supported by Epson, will be exhibited at the new Silverstone Experience Centre opening soon. Featuring racing legends such as Sterling Moss and Nigel Mansell she also focuses on emerging talent such as Jamie Chadwick whom was the first ever woman to win a British F3 race and the first female and youngest ever British GT Championship GT4  champion.


Indira Flack

Indira Flack

Moving from Worcestershire to London in the mid-80s, Indira Flack worked as a freelance assistant for many leading portrait photographers, where she had the opportunity to learn her craft and assist on photoshoots with the likes of Richard Branson, Margaret Thatcher, Kylie, Tony Blair and John Hurt, to name a few.


Since becoming a freelance photographer in the early 90s, she has photographed a huge variety of people including Mary Quant, Jasper Conran, Martin Clunes, Tom Aitken, Mary Portas, Juliette Stevenson, Jack Vettriano, Dame Kelly Holmes, Laura Kenny, Philippa Craddock, Sonya Cassidy, Hermione Carfield and David Gandy, not to mention 100 plus Great British Racing Drivers.


Indira’s clients include Country Life, Country Living, Cosmopolitan, Department of Health, Good Housekeeping, Goodwood, The Guardian, Independent on Sunday, Mayfair Times, Netjets Europe, Princess Alice Hospice, Puma, The Resident, Woman and Home, You Magazine.