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Women in the Industry: Art Photography Workshop with Natalia PoniatowskaWomen in the Industry: Art Photography Workshop with Natalia Poniatowska

Women in the Industry

Women in the Industry: Art Photography Workshop with Natalia Poniatowska

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Women in the Industry: Art Photography Workshop with Natalia Poniatowska

Friday 28th September, 10am - 2pm 


In her seminar, Natalia will talk about the challenges of working in the industry as a young female artist. She will touch on the subject of connecting artistic approach to picture making and commercial practice.

Natalia will talk about the exhibitions and other successes and what’s behind them, as well as how the early start of her career looked like. The seminar will be based on conversation and Natalia’s aim is to share her passion and knowledge of contemporary photography.

She will talk about the ways she gets inspired, the best platforms for research and recommended equipment. At the end of the seminar we will go for a walk around, so please bring your camera. You will be able to learn posing tricks as Natalia used to work as a test shoot photographer for top modelling agencies. And we will have fun walking and finding the best spots for pictures – the opportunities for a great photo are everywhere around us. How to see them? Please come to our seminar/walk to find out.

You will need: 

Your Camera

Spare Batteries

Memory Card

Your Ticket


Natalia Poniatowska

Natalia Poniatowska

Born in the industrial realm of the Silesian region in the Southern part of Poland, Natalia Poniatowska has been working with the medium of photography for more than a decade now. Having had the opportunity to display her works in various locations (Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh, 12 Star Gallery London, ARCHIP Prague, citizenM Glasgow, House for An Art Lovers Glasgow, ORMS Cape Town, Pingyao International Photography Festival China, Natalia is a winner of DEBUTS 2018, finalist of Grand Press Photo 2018, and a runner-up of the British Journal of Photography 2017. She graduated from Fine Art Photography at The Glasgow School of Art. Swinging between the digital and analogue photography, still and moving image – Poniatowska explores the potential ground that exists in between of fine art and documentary photography. Drawing inspiration from the great interest in the modern, dynamic art scene but also from her personal experiences, she believes in a great power of the image in conveying emotions, truths and challenges of the modern reality. Having spent majority of her life away from her motherland, Natalia often comes back to the theme of homesickness and belonging in her art work.