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Wild Arena | An introduction to macro & close-ups (Birmingham)Wild Arena | An introduction to macro & close-ups (Birmingham)Wild Arena | An introduction to macro & close-ups (Birmingham)Wild Arena | An introduction to macro & close-ups (Birmingham)


Wild Arena | An introduction to macro & close-ups (Birmingham)

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Wild Arena | An introduction to macro & close-ups

Thursday 2nd April, 9.30am - 12.30pm OR 1.30pm - 4.30pm


Our 'Introduction to Macro & Close-ups' sessions are a great way of getting started with this fascinating area of photography. These 3-hour workshops will begin with an introductory presentation that aims to cover the basic questions and difficulties surrounding macro photography.

We will cover a variety of topics including:

-      The choice & use of macro lenses

-      Keeping things in focus

-      The creative use of depth-of-field

-      Managing movement in the images with shutter speeds and the correct use of other related accessories.

We will then move onto a hands-on practical session where guests will have the chance to try and capture their own images of some great close-up subjects brought along especially for the day.

We will usually not only have some flowers and plants, but also some fascinating smaller creatures like Stick Insects, Praying Mantis, Beetles, Painted Hoppers, Geckos and Tree Frogs. These subjects will be available to photograph with a choice of either continuous light or flash light, which Wild Arena will bring along and demonstrate.

You will need:

-      Your DSLR or mirrorless camera

-      Macro lens(es)

-      Memory card

-      Spare battery

-      Tripod (optional)


Wild Arena

Wild Arena

Wild Arena was founded in 2003, by a small group of experienced and expert image making professionals. They provide a range of events to offer both facilitated opportunities for great pictures and a relaxed and rewarding learning environment for guests. They aim to deliver these services in a professional manner and are passionate about sharing their knowledge to help others achieve their photographic goals. Whilst they are based in the heart of Knowsley Safari Park, with the only dedicated natural history macro studio in the country, they also offer a range of workshops across the country, concentrating on natural history image making.