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Wex Workshop: Creative Professional Photography with Ben Bentley and Interfit PhotographicWex Workshop: Creative Professional Photography with Ben Bentley and Interfit Photographic

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Wex Workshop: Creative Professional Photography with Ben Bentley and Interfit Photographic

  • Days: 1

Wex Workshop: Creative Professional Photography with Ben Bentley and Interfit Photographic

Saturday 21st April 

Morning Session: 11am - 1pm


Ben will discuss how he approaches a wide variety of shoots including how to approach and prepare for shoots with some of the biggest names in the business and meeting deadlines. There will be hands-on shooting with a variety of creative lighting set-ups and the Interfit lighting system including the Honey Badger Studio Strobe.

Put your knowledge from Ben's talk into creating powerful and dynamic images using professional studio lighting, modifiers and a professional model on the day!  


Afternoon Session: 2pm - 4pm 


Creative Lighting on Location! 

Ben will show you how he approaches location shoots and the difficulties that can occur when you cannot control the surroundings. There will be a practical Photo Walk in the surrounding areas of the store including shooting with the S1 Portable Monolight. He will cover working with ambient light, overpowering the sun and working with high speed sync in open shade. 

Shooting on location offers a variety of creative options from location choice, framing and composition options as well as existing lighting conditions but it can also have its difficulties. Learn how Interfit Creative Pro Ben Bentley makes his location choice work for him in a variety of different situations.


Discuss the challenges that can be incurred from elements such as: weather conditions, mixing natural and artificial light, shooting in public locations and best the modifier options for when on the move.


Interfit Photographic

Interfit Photographic

Interfit Photographic was established in 2001 with simple goals and a single minded focus: To develop innovative, high quality, professional lighting products and accessories that enable photographers of all skill levels to expand their creativity and realize their aspiration to consistently create meaningful images.

Ben Bentley

Ben Bentley

Ben Bentley is an internationally published Music, Portrait and Editorial photographer based in the UK, shooting for publications, record labels and commercial clients with worldwide reach.

Currently a contributing photographer at the NME, Ben’s work has also been seen in VICE Magazine, Soccer Bible, Clash, Q, KERRANG!, The Guardian plus many more print and online publications around the world. Commercial clients include Virgin/EMI, Puma, Diesel, Topshop, Topman, Universal Pictures, BBC Music, Harvey Goldsmith Productions, I Like Press,Carousel PR, Futuresound and more.