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Wex Workflow Day

  • Days: 1

Workflow Drop In

Saturday 19th May, 10am-1pm

Free Drop In


Workflow Workshop

Saturday 19th May, 2pm – 5:15pm




Learn how to bring all the post production elements of photography together from image to print in this exclusive and informative event.

Featuring specialists from the top photo processing brands, X-rite, Wacom, Loupedeck, Epson, and Hahnemühle you will learn how to manipulate your images using the latest equipment and create stunning prints.

Bring your camera to make the most of this fantastic opportunity.


There will be a morning and an afternoon session with plenty of opportunities to ask the experts any questions, so whether you want to know about only one element of post-production or learn the whole process from start to finish this is the place to be.


10am – 1pm: Drop in and speak to any of the suppliers one to one.


This will take place on the mezzanine level of the store. Feel free to bring in your own images to play around with, with the help of the experts, and try the latest equipment.


2pm -5.15pm



In depth and ticketed demo with a professional photographer, Ian Sayers


You will be walked through the whole process from taking a photo, to receiving a beautiful print of your final image.  This workshop will guide you through the process of post-editing, colour correction and printing; introducing you to products you may not have used yet. Each company will be on hand to assist you in capturing, editing and printing an image to take home.

Ian Sayers will cover: 

Why a Wacom device is critical for your workflow.

How to get the most out of any Wacom device (quickly) when editing or retouching.

How to do everything in Photoshop and Lightroom - a speed session showcasing some fast timesaving workflows and tips and tricks designed to make life easier.


You will need:


  • Your Camera
  • A Memory Card
  • Spare Batteries
  • Images (optional)
  • Your Ticket!


Whichever session you choose, bring your camera, your pictures and lots of questions!


Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers

At Wex Photo Video we are committed to bringing the best deals, speakers, and events to our customers.

Ian Sayers

Ian Sayers

One of the foremost Software Trainers in the Creative Industry, Ian has many years of experience both Teaching and practically editing and retouching for a wide range of Photographers, Agencies and Software companies.


A founding director of GIANT Associates Ltd. Ian and the team specialise in delivering a wide range of Training and Development services to their clients covering the Adobe software suite of products such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Bridge as well as the Graphic Software for Design and Digital marketing such as Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator and the Adobe video Applications.


Being a presenter for Adobe on locations across the UK, Ireland and parts of Europe including Iceland, Ian has been able to help companies realise just how easy it is to enhance photographs and learn the best and fastest ways to edit and control a workflow from image capture to final output - focussing on the editing and retouching tips and tricks to speed up the workflow.


As a Wacom Ambassador, Ian is able to integrate the latest technology into a workflow to ensure speed, accuracy and enhanced control over editing and composition of images when using any software.