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Wex Workshop: Flaneur's Visual Diary with Eva BachmannWex Workshop: Flaneur's Visual Diary with Eva Bachmann

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Wex Workshop: Flaneur's Visual Diary with Eva Bachmann

  • Days: 1

Wex Workshop: Flaneur's Visual Diary with Eva Bachmann

Saturday 2nd June, 10am - 4pm 


Sandwiches will be provided

The morning session will consist of an introduction into Eva's work and how she creates her images and concepts. In the afternoon, there will be a practical session to take photographs on location. Eva will take you around London to find the hidden sights that lie within her images.

The term flâneur was coined by the 19th Century French poet Baudelaire. To him, flâneur is “an aesthete and dandy, wandering the streets and arcades of nineteenth-century Paris looking at and listening to the kaleidoscopic manifestations of the life of a modern city.” (1)

Just like Baudelaire’s flaneur in 19th Century Paris, in this workshop, we will be visually exploring the streets of London, discovering to the otherwise unnoticed vernacular architecture.

Besides learning about the technical side of your camera settings, the emphasis will be given to the composition, creating a collage like assemblage of London’s urban fabric. We will learn to shift our attention to the seemingly insignificant sights and discover how shapes and colours can be transformed to an abstract composition. 


(1) Baudelaire, Benjamin and the Birth of the Flâneur by Bobby Seal, from www.psychogeographicreview.com




Eva Bachmann

Eva Bachmann

Eva Bachmann is a lens based artist and educator, with photography being at the centre of her practice. She also works on commission based collaborations. Her photographic work has been exhibited in the UK and abroad.

Her photographic series are a visual inquiry into widely overlooked architectural elements. Like an urban archaeologist, she decodes the language of mundane spaces, tracing cultural and historical references through layers of time.

Since 2001, she has taught fine art and photography in community institutions and further education. Currently she teaches photography at Hackney Community College and the Bishopsgate Institute.

In her teaching practice, she uses a hands-on approach while integrating her studio experience into the classroom. The photography classes are designed to deliver fun and effective learning, stimulating imagination and a creative perception.