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Wex Walkabout: Cityscape with Dillon OsborneWex Walkabout: Cityscape with Dillon OsborneWex Walkabout: Cityscape with Dillon OsborneWex Walkabout: Cityscape with Dillon Osborne

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Wex Walkabout: Cityscape with Dillon Osborne

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Wex Walkabout: Cityscape with Dillon Osborne
Meeting at: Writer’s Square, Belfast. BT1 1ZZ.
Tuesday 19th June 2018, 10am-1pm, OR 2pm-5pm.
Tickets £15 per person.

Join us on 19th June for a photo walk dedicated to capturing the diverse cityscape of Belfast. We will be meeting at Writer’s Square and will walk around the city centre, capturing various shots along the way. This will give us the opportunity to shoot a broad range of Belfast’s stunning buildings and urban areas, as well as meeting other likeminded local photographers of all abilities.

Dillon will cover the following areas:

  • How to see your city differently – explore, look, and capture
  • Finding beauty in the ‘norm’
  • Capturing the narrative and context of an image
  • Colours and textures
  • Controlling the frame
  • Utilising puddles or reflections

In terms of kit, we recommend bringing:

  • Any camera of choice, be it film, DSLR, or CSC
  • A wide angle lens if you have one
  • A 35mm or 50mm prime if you have one
  • A fully charged and spare battery
  • Plenty of memory
  • And, of course, your ticket!

Please wear sturdy / comfortable shoes as the walk will last three hours. Please also bring with you any refreshments you will need for the duration of your selected walk.

We look forward to seeing you there!

What is a Walkabout?

Walkabouts offer you the opportunity to get out and about with your camera, meet up with your local photographic community and learn a few new skills whilst you’re at it. Every month, the Wex team will be at a new venue with a different lead photographer, focusing on a different subject with a unique set of challenges. Walkabouts are all about enjoying and developing your photographic hobby in a relaxed, informal environment.

Unlike our photography workshops, Wex Walkabouts are completely informal, have no minimum group size and are not dependent on your ability or gear – wherever possible, we will bring along a range of kit you can borrow. All you need is your DSLR or compact system camera and some clothing suitable for the great outdoors. There are no specific steps or learning outcomes; the walkabouts will give you the challenge of a new environment and a new subject, all supported by an experienced pro photographer.

Regardless of your skill level or kit, Wex Walkabouts are for you – whether you want to try something new or just meet other likeminded enthusiasts!

In 2018 a minimum of £5 from every ticket will be donated to our chosen charity of the year. This ticket price also covers any entry fees for the sites we visit as part of our Walkabouts. If you’d like to know more about this or our chosen charity, please don’t hesitate to email events@wex.co.uk


Dillon Osborne

Dillon Osborne

Dillon has been a full-time creative in photo design and video for the past twelve years. He loves telling stories with his images, and uses photography to capture what he sees and share that short, special moment with others. Dillon has been shooting for over fifteen years, learning his skills on traditional 35mm and developing film and photographs in the darkroom. He has since moved onto shooting with DSLR and mirrorless cameras. 

Dillon says: “Rafiki says it best… “Look harder”. I am always looking, always moving, always watching, and taking in my surroundings. This continual state of alert allows me to see beauty and interest where others often do not”.