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Wex back-to-basics | Street photography workshopWex back-to-basics | Street photography workshop

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Wex back-to-basics | Street photography workshop

  • Days: 1

Wex back-to-basics | Street photography workshop

Saturday 10th August, 12:00pm - 4:00pm


Learn street photography in East London with Ondrej Vachek; you will learn technical tips, setting up your camera and the best ways to capture the streets

  • Setting up your camera
  • Auto versus manual
  • Focus and aperture settings
  • Best lenses for street photography
  • Framing
  • Working with unpredictable subjects
  • Following GDPR regulations

Our back-to-basics street photography workshop is for those wanting to improve their photography or learn to capture; being apprehensive when alone is normal when you first pick up a camera. This workshop is for those that have just started and want to sharpen their skill set.


12:00: Introduction

12:30: Set out towards East London

3:30: Reviews and critiques

4:00: Finish

Ondrej is a frequent wanderer and has carefully honed his craft. He cunningly picks out details others may miss or never notice but gives context to his surroundings many can relate too.

You can see more examples of his work here.{LINK}

Instagram: @ondroidv


Ondrej Vachek

Ondrej Vachek

Ondrej Vachek is a London based documentary photographer capturing multiple different aspects of life from street photography and short stories about people of all different backgrounds to conflicts and war. His work includes a look into the daily lives of people on the frontlines of Eastern Ukraine including the fighters and civilians. Street photography is something he deeply cares for and enjoys. Majority of his photography is candid as he tries to strive for accurate representation of the moment.