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Wex Back-to-Basics: Adobe Lightroom with Ben Piper (London)Wex Back-to-Basics: Adobe Lightroom with Ben Piper (London)


Wex Back-to-Basics: Adobe Lightroom with Ben Piper (London)

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Wex Back-to-Basics: Lightroom with Ben Piper - London

29th June 2019 11am-1pm


Now that you have your portfolio of images, how do you make them really pop? Join Ben Piper in store where we will take you through all the basics of Adobe Lightroom. The session will be packed with helpful shortcuts and detailed advice for beginners, covering everything you need to know to enhance your images post-capture.

 We will be covering: 

  • The function of light room
  • Selecting images for edit
  • Importing files
  • Basic editing settings: curves, batch-edit, contrast
  • Consistency
  • Fixing imperfections (over exposure, cropping)
  • Exporting images correctly


Ben Piper

Ben Piper

Introduced to the world of photography at a young age, Ben has spent the last twenty years finessing his photographic and editing style, building up a great working knowledge of Adobe software adopting a meaningful and inspirational approach to Lightroom instruction. After developing his niche in Canine Portraiture, Ben’s work and style has seen him create a successful business working throughout the UK and parts of Europe.