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Understanding Street Photography - Seminar with Matt HartUnderstanding Street Photography - Seminar with Matt Hart


Understanding Street Photography - Seminar with Matt Hart

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Matt Hart is a Fujifilm X Photographer who has been exploring street photography for over 40 years. Matt will give a two and a half hour talk on candid street photography with the aim of giving you the confidence to go out and explore, armed with with the knowledge that has helped him to become a professional in this field. Matt will look at the masters of street and also how projects can help you develop your style and teach you to critique your own work. 


The schedule for the day:

10am - 1pm Photo Walk 

The price for the Photo Walk is £15.00 and will involve a practical session with Matt Hart.

2pm - 4pm/4:30pm Talk (Please check individual stores for time confirmation)  

The price for the Talk is £5.00 and will involve an in depth talk with Matt Hart

*Tickets for these events are sold separately. You will only be given access to the event for which the ticket was purchased. Please feel free to buy a ticket for both events.

Photo Walks are a fun and informal session to try a new subject and learn tips and ideas from a lead photographer in that subject’s field.  They are not a workshop as such as they are not structured in a way that is intended for you to spend one to one time with the tutor or cover predetermined learning objectives.  They are suitable for any level of ability and for any camera, so join in and chat to likeminded photographers, try a new subject and have a great time enjoying your photography.

£5 of all our Photo Walks goes to our chosen charity of the year.


Matthew Hart

Matthew Hart

Matt Hart is a black and white Street and Event Photographer based in Liverpool. He is an official Fujifilm X Ambassador, a Formatt Hitech featured Artist, and the founder of The Fujiholics social media group.

Annual projects have helped Matt to focus on his personal development within the industry, constantly challenging his own ideas and concepts and motivating him to learn new skills.

Matt is passionate about Street Photography, he has developed the skill to observe and be virtually invisible, letting the world carry on around him without affecting the scene. Matt keeps the system and process as simple as possible so as not to over complicate the task. This is why he has chosen the Fuji X system for his professional work which helps him to achieve his style.

Matt runs Street Photography workshops and courses around Liverpool and other major cities passing on his techniques in Street Photography.

Can’t make this course? It is also available on these dates: