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Travel Photography with a Difference: Seminar with Rob ScottTravel Photography with a Difference: Seminar with Rob ScottTravel Photography with a Difference: Seminar with Rob Scott


Travel Photography with a Difference: Seminar with Rob Scott

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Travel Photography with a Difference: Seminar with Rob Scott

Saturday 13th October, 10am - 1pm OR 2pm - 5pm 


Lighting is a crucial part of photography. Whether you are working in a studio environment or shooting on location, lighting can really add impact to the work you produce. Rob Scott will be talking about his work both in Britain and around the world and showing how the use of flash has enhanced his images to bring his portfolio to the next level. Using flash on location enables you to travel light but also produce stunning shots that emphasize the focal point when you are in a less than ideal environment.

He will guide you through producing images that are suitable for magazine use, personal use and to suit all of your commercial projects. He will demonstrate the techniques he used for shooting his long term project (soon to be published as a book) ‘Working World’ and for his two current books ‘Crafted in Britain’ and ‘Britain’s Living Past’.


Rob will talk about the equipment he wouldn’t leave home without. If you are a serious photographer, the extra weight of a flashgun will open up a whole world of subject matter that otherwise wouldn't be possible to shoot. In particular, he will discuss the essential use of radio controlled flashguns and lighting adapters.


Good travel photography is more than just grabbing street shots and landscapes. If you do the research on your destination and have a concept or story in mind in advance it gives you a focus, something to aim for when shooting on the move. You can create a rounded, solid piece of work that is usable as a finished project rather than just single images. And understanding flash can greatly increase the shooting possibilities and the strength of the shots.

This seminar will help you improve the way you think about imagery and subject matter when working in unfamiliar environments where you do not always have everything you have access to at home.




Rob Scott

Rob Scott

Rob studied Biochemisty at the University of York, and worked for 3 years in metabolic research at the University of Bristol. After an extensive period of travel he returned to the UK in the early 80s and for the next decade worked as a freelance photographer and writer in London and Bristol. In the early 90s he joined one of the largest magazine publishers in the UK and launched their internal photographic studio.

The department developed into one of the largest editorial studios in the UK, comprising six studios and a team of 12 studio and location photographers. With Rob as manager and chief photographer it produced the majority of the commissioned work for more than 100 national and international magazines, covering subjects as diverse as music, cycling and mountain biking, cars, sailing, football, film and television, lifestyle, food, science, technology and business.