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Travelling Light - Seminar with Tom MackieTravelling Light - Seminar with Tom Mackie


Travelling Light - Seminar with Tom Mackie

  • Days: 1

Travelling Light - Seminar with Tom Mackie

Friday 1st June, 10am - 1pm OR 2pm - 5pm


Tom will talk about how he prepares for the photo shoot especially travelling abroad with gear. He will give you hints and tips about what to take and how to get through the airports with photography equipment. During the image presentation he will be showing images that he has made around the world talking about how he made some of the images and problems that he had to overcome in various weather and lighting conditions. There's no such thing as bad light as long as you choose the location according to the lighting conditions!

Tom will also be on hand to answer any questions you have about lighting on your travels.


What will the day involved:

  Learn expert techniques, such as:

  • – Correct use of filters, white balance, exposure, composition tools and techniques, maximising depth-of-field and efficient workflow

    – How he gets the most from the scene – not just in, terms of camera angle, lens choice and exposure, but correct use of foregrounds, which elements to include or exclude

    – Breaking the rules – bright, mid day lighting…no problem with the right subject

    • A relaxed, informative and friendly atmosphere –but most importantly, fun!


Tom Mackie

Tom Mackie

Tom Mackie has photographed landscapes the world over, and his refined sense of design, affinity of light and technical mastery has established his reputation as one of the world’s leading practitioners of the art.


A photographer all his working life, Tom began his career with a five-year stint as an industrial and architectural photographer in Los Angeles fresh from gaining his degree in commercial photography. Travelling extensively through the vast, cinemascope terrain of the Western States during this period ignited a life-long passion for landscapes, and he realised the confines of a commercial studio were no longer going to be enough.


Tom runs a series of photography workshops in spectacular locations both in the UK and abroad.