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The secrets of Manchester | Street meetThe secrets of Manchester | Street meet

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The secrets of Manchester | Street meet

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The secrets of Manchester | Street meet

Wednesday 18th September, 12pm - 4pm


Join Ricoh ambassador Matty Graham for a hands-on walk with their new GR III camera; take a tour around Manchester to discover the secrets of the northern quarter and the hidden artistic aesthetics that reside there. Manchester’s Northern Quarter has become an art gallery in its own right; with stunning architecture and spectacular street art, it’s the perfect place to discover and capture something a little different.


This ever-changing, urban landscape is the perfect place for street photography and truly gives you the opportunity to capture some of the cities secrets, and get a first look at this incredible new camera.

You will need:

-              Your camera and lens

-              Spare battery

-              Memory card

-              Comfortable shoes



Matty Graham

Matty Graham

Matty Graham is a UK-based professional photographer, specialising in landscape, travel and street photography. A former managing editor of Digital Photo magazine, Matty has been using the RICOH GR system for many years and will be on hand to offer advice on composition, lighting and technical style, along with presenting images and stories covering his travels with the new GRIII.