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Compelling portraits and personal projects | A masterclass with Carolyn MendelsohnCompelling portraits and personal projects | A masterclass with Carolyn Mendelsohn


Compelling portraits and personal projects | A masterclass with Carolyn Mendelsohn

  • Days: 1

Compelling portraits and personal projects | A masterclass with Carolyn Mendelsohn

Sunday 20th October,  1:30pm – 4:30pm



Carolyn is known for her compelling photographic portraits, and in particular, her current award-winning series Being In-between.

This workshop will explore how to create a compelling portrait, and give the participants practical starting points and tips that they can use to develop their own practice. Carolyn is a great believer that in order to learn how to take great photographs, you should allow yourself the opportunity to make mistakes, get things wrong and occasionally take risks and fail; and it is only by being open to doing this, that you will begin to really learn and to achieve great things in photography. This session is created to inspire you, and to free you up to progress further on your photographic journey. 

In the practical part of the session, Carolyn with be working with you on how to use light, and recognizing good light. You will look at what lenses and settings to use, and how to connect with your subject, guiding you through how to take great portraits.

Using her series Being Inbetween as a starting point, Carolyn will present the story of how she creates her work; demonstrating how she shoots her subjects for this project, she will talk about how to develop your own personal work/projects. The second half of the masterclass will be a practical workshop on collaboration and exploring how to use natural light. She will guide you through connecting with your subjects and how to start creating your own compelling portraits on location in the streets around Wex. 

The expert

Carolyn Mendelsohn is known as a portrait photographer and as an artist who uses photography and film and sometimes sounds to realize creative ideas rooted within the lives of individuals, their story and location.  Alongside this, she works on personal portrait commissions and commercial briefs,  lifestyle, and fashion. 

Her work is crafted through a rigorous process of social research and collection of material.  It follows a visual narrative and usually has emotional content and she is known for creating compelling, powerful portraits.

Carolyn has received many awards including British Journal of Photography Portrait of Britain,  RPS  IPE  159 gold medal, Professional Photographer of the  Year  2013  –  lifestyle  Category.  In  2018 she was shortlisted for the International  Women Photographers  Award.  Her work has received awards from The  Arts  Council,  England, and she has been sponsored by organizations such a  FujiFilm,  ArtLink,  and  CC  imaging.  In   print,  her  photography  has  appeared  in  The  Guardian,  The Sunday   Times,  The  Telegraph,  The  Independent,  The  Mail,  The  Yorkshire  Post,  La   Monde  (online),  Professional Photographer  Magazine,  Photo   Professional,  Photography  Monthly,    F2  and  BJP,  Click  Magazine  and  has   been  broadcast  on GMTV,  C4,  BBC  Radio  4,    and  the  BBC  Big  Screen. 


You will need:

- DSLR/mirrorless camera

- Lenses/prime lenses (if you have them)

- Memory card

- Battery

- Reflector (optional)


Carolyn Mendelsohn

Carolyn Mendelsohn

Carolyn  Mendelsohn  is  known  as  a  portrait  photographer  and  as  an   artist  who  uses  photography  and  film  and  sometimes sound  to  realize   creative  ideas  rooted  within  the  lives  of  individuals,  their  story  and   location.  Alongside  this  she  works on personal  portrait  commissions  and   commercial  briefs,  lifestyle  and  fashion.

Her  work  is  crafted  through  a  rigorous  process  of  social  research  and   collection  of  material.  It  follows  a  visual  narrative and  usually  has   emotional  content  and  she  is  known  for  creating  compelling,  powerful   portraits.

Carolyn  has  received  many  awards  including  British  Journal  of   Photography  Portrait  of  Britain,  RPS  IPE  159  gold  medal, Professional   Photographer  of  the  Year  2013  –  lifestyle  Category.  In  2018  she  was   shortlisted  for  the  International  Women Photographers  Award.  Her  work   has  received  awards  from  The  Arts  Council,  England,  and  she  has  been   sponsored  by organisations  such  a  FujiFilm,  ArtLink,  and  CC  imaging.  In   print,  her  photography  has  appeared  in  The  Guardian,  The Sunday   Times,  The  Telegraph,  The  Independent,  The  Mail,  The  Yorkshire  Post,  La   Monde  (online),  Professional Photographer  Magazine,  Photo   Professional,  Photography  Monthly,    F2  and  BJP,  Click  Magazine  and  has   been  broadcast  on GMTV,  C4,  BBC  Radio  4,    and  the  BBC  Big  Screen.