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Spider Holster Demo DaySpider Holster Demo Day

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Spider Holster Demo Day

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Spider Holster Demo Day

Thursday 22nd March, 11am - 3pm 


30 Minute Demonstration Slots

Bob has been working in the photographic industry for more than thirty years, and is currently worldwide sales manager for Spider Holster.  Bob initially worked for Kodak for ten years (in R&D, photographic seminar producer/presenter, and in professional imaging sales), and also has extensive training and experience as a professional photographer & military officer.  Bob now regularly travels the world passionately demonstrating and selling what he believes to be the worlds most well-designed, ergonomic photographic equipment carrying and handling systems.  Bob will be demonstrating Spider Holster's latest and greatest products, and how to most effectively use them.

Demonstrating the: SpiderPro camera carrying systems, our SpiderLight camera carrying systems, SpiderPro hand straps, and our new Spider lens collar plate for carrying cameras with more massive lenses (which will be coming out very soon).


Interfit Photographic

Interfit Photographic

Interfit Photographic was established in 2001 with simple goals and a single minded focus: To develop innovative, high quality, professional lighting products and accessories that enable photographers of all skill levels to expand their creativity and realize their aspiration to consistently create meaningful images.