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SPARKS - Combining Stories and Photography with Stephen LeslieSPARKS - Combining Stories and Photography with Stephen Leslie


SPARKS - Combining Stories and Photography with Stephen Leslie

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SPARKS - Combining Stories and Photography with Stephen Leslie

Saturday 13th October, 5pm - 7pm 


Stephen will be talking about his photographic odyssey over the past twenty years. He will be attempting to explain why he still shoots on film, and yet, still has not worked out the proper way to catalogue his negatives. He will be showing old photos from his archive, never seen before in public and some new ones that should probably remain hidden. Ultimately, he will be attempting to justify with the use of slides, witness statements and special guests; how and why he has ended up dressing as a giant panda in an attempt to flog his latest book, SPARKS.


SPARKS is an unusual book that brazenly combines 'real' street photography with fictional short stories and actual personal recollections. It is an investigation in to photography's relationship with the truth and can even be read as an acting out of Joel Sternfeld's famous proclamation that photography is not about capturing reality at all but instead more about presenting the viewer with 'convincing lies'. During the course of the talk and possibly even beforehand, maybe even during this short bit of promotional text, Stephen will mix his own convincing lies with a smattering of the truth as he desperately endeavours to prevent whoever actually turns up from running off to the pub in disgust. At the end of the evening there will be a prize for the most irrelevant question from a member of the audience, assuming there still is an audience.



Stephen Leslie

Stephen Leslie

Stephen Leslie is a writer, film maker and photographer based in London. His films have been shown on the BBC and Channel 4 and his photographs have been used as album and book covers and even on bottles of beer. His ongoing project about the festival of Purim was included in the Unseen London anthology published in 2017 by Hoxton Mini-Press and his first, solo book, SPARKS – Adventures In Street Photography has just been published by Unbound / Penguin.