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Shooting A Car Commercial with the Canon C200 SeminarShooting A Car Commercial with the Canon C200 Seminar


Shooting A Car Commercial with the Canon C200 Seminar

  • Days: 1

Course Details

At our brand new Wex Photo Video store this December, we will be running two seminars with director Brett Danton, where he will talk you through the process of using the C200 to shoot a Jaguar car commercial. He will cover:

  • The flexibility of the Canon Lite Raw format

  • Using the Dual Pixel Auto Focus functionality

  • Post Production process

  • His journey from professional photographer to commercials director

There will be an AM and PM session to choose from, and we’ll have the C200 and lenses set up for demonstration with our professional video specialists. The AM session will run from 10.30am until 1pm, and the PM session from 2pm until 4.30pm.

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Brett Danton

Brett Danton

Brett Danton has been capturing the stories of some of the world’s most iconic brands for more than 20 years – think Emirates, Virgin and the like. As a freelance Director, DOP, and photographer his experience crosses camera, lighting, editing, grading, VFX, post and pre production and producing. He also travels the world lecturing for some of the most respected global creative agencies and photographic brands.