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Practical street photography with Ondrej Vachek (Manchester)Practical street photography with Ondrej Vachek (Manchester)

Street Meets

Practical street photography with Ondrej Vachek (Manchester)

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Practical street photography with Ondrej Vachek (Manchester)

Saturday 27th April, 12pm – 4pm


Ondrej will start the day by talking about his experiences in a war zone, and how he uses photography to raise awareness. He will then talk about translating this into everyday street photography, and how to locate the perfect shot/subjects. He will talk to you about your camera settings and how to improve the way you shoot.

He will cover basic and advanced techniques when working with unpredictable subjects and what to expect.

You can see more examples of his work here

Instagram: @ondroidv



Ondrej Vachek

Ondrej Vachek

Ondrej Vachek is a London based documentary photographer capturing multiple different aspects of life from street photography and short stories about people of all different backgrounds to conflicts and war. His work includes a look into the daily lives of people on the frontlines of Eastern Ukraine including the fighters and civilians. Street photography is something he deeply cares for and enjoys. Majority of his photography is candid as he tries to strive for accurate representation of the moment.