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Practical liquid photography: A workshop with Barry MakariouPractical liquid photography: A workshop with Barry Makariou


Practical liquid photography: A workshop with Barry Makariou

  • Days: 1

Practical liquid photography: A workshop with Barry Makariou

Friday 6th June, 10am – 4pm



Join Barry Makariou as he guides you through how to create one of his stunning images. Known for his work will liquids and his still life photography, Barry will help you recreate one of his famous shots. 

Take your still life photography skill to the next level and learn just what it takes to win an advertising campaign. Barry will be talking about the work involved leading up to the shoot, and maintaining a successful studio photography business.  

Working with top-name brands, Barry is a master when it comes to creating dynamic compositions with liquids. During the morning seminar, Barry will be giving you a glimpse behind the scenes of some of his work and how these works are created furthering your understanding of the production on set. 

During the masterclass, you will be witness to just how much attention to detail goes into creating these images, and have the chance to shoot the set up with your own gear. 

Schedule for the day:


-          Introduction

-          How to get started

-          How to run a successful business


-          Touch upon social media usage

-          Behind the scenes 


-          A unique invite into what it takes to win, and complete for, an advertising campaign


-          Practical shooting

-          Re-creating the strawberry bubbles shot (shown above) 


-          Overview of the day and wrap up


You will need

-          Your camera and lens(es)

-          Memory card

-          Spare battery

-          Lunch


Barry Makariou

Barry Makariou

Barry Makariou has recently been awarded Gold for UK Photographer of the year by One Eyeland. For over 15 years he has been specialising in Liquids, and still life and renowned for his creative watch photography. Moving image is also playing large part of his portfolio pleasing content hungry clients. He has built up a fantastic team of collaborators that can provide everything from production, editing , grading, wet hire, retouching and CGI. Barry prides himself in offering an insight into what really goes on behind the scenes and is looking to make this a permeant series on his instagram page with over 3k devoted followers to date.

Clients include Coca- Cola, Pepsi, Whitley Neil, ARARAT Brandy, Chivas, Peroni, Nike, Adidas, GQ, Mens Health.