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Portraiture and creative shooting | A workshop with AD Zyne (Edinburgh)Portraiture and creative shooting | A workshop with AD Zyne (Edinburgh)


Portraiture and creative shooting | A workshop with AD Zyne (Edinburgh)

  • Days: 1

Portraiture and creative shooting | A workshop with AD Zyne

Saturday 16th November, 10:00am – 4:00pm


Full-day portraiture workshop in which acclaimed photographer Andrew Downie shares the secrets of his unique studio shots.

The workshop will cover:

•             Studio tips

•             Controlling and crafting light

•             Harsh light versus soft light

•             Lighting modifiers and gels

•             1-light setups

•             3-light setups

•             Post processing using Lightroom and Photoshop

Suitable for those looking to take the first steps into professional studio photography, as well as more advanced photographers hoping to expand their lighting knowledge, this course will be an informal, practical workshop geared towards each attendee’s skill level and requirements. Questions, discussion and advice will be shared throughout the day, with time allocated after the session for feedback.


•             10.00: Introduction

•             10.30: Exploring types of light

•             11.00: One-light setups and modifiers

•             12.30: Lunch

•             1:00: 3-light setups and gels

•             2.30: Break

•             2.45: Post-processing and final Q&A


About the expert

Andrew Downie (also known as AD Zyne) is a Scottish photographer known for his dark, gritty portraits. Andrew’s work has been used in campaigns globally for acts such as Tape Face, Christina Bianc, and Epic Beard men.

His work is created through a process of full collaboration with the acts to make sure that they are represented in a way that works best for the brand, as well as providing valuable longevity.

Andrew started his photography career as a music photographer focusing mainly on the metal genre, which remains a noticeable influence in his work to this day. You can find out more about Andrew and his work on his website: http://www.adzyne.com.


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