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On location bridal shoot | Wedding portraitureOn location bridal shoot | Wedding portraiture


On location bridal shoot | Wedding portraiture

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On location bridal shoot | Wedding portraiture

Meeting point at Wex Manchester 

Wednesday 16th October,  12:00pm - 2:00pm


An on-location shoot of the happy couple in full attire. 

Being asked to photograph a wedding can be exciting, yet a little nerve-wracking. It can be a task in itself to understand each unique brief; being responsible for documenting and capturing those treasured moments can be a real test of your skill and composure as a photographer. Expectations will be externally high. So to help you along the way, Wex would like to invite you to join us on an on-location bridal workshop, complete with the bride and groom in full attire.

On this workshop, you will be guided through those key photographic moments to ensure you will be confident in getting the perfect shot of the happy couple, with a focus on that essential bride and groom shots in and around Manchester.


The Expert

Winner of Manchester cathedral’s Photographer of the Year 2017 specializing in portraiture, events and editorial image-making, Gary started out working as a freelance photographer in 2010. Working on a wide range of assignments, he has developed his photographic practice and creative eye in a variety of subject matters.

 You will need:

-       DSLR or mirrorless camera and lens(es)

-       Memory card

-       Spare battery

-       Tripod (optional)


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