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Live Webinar | Budget to Best with CelestronLive Webinar | Budget to Best with Celestron


Live Webinar | Budget to Best with Celestron

  • Days: 1

Presentation and Q&A on Celestron’s budget to best telescopes with Damian Peach

Monday 7th December, 12.30-1.30pm

Facebook link provided prior to the start of this course. Register here to ask a question in advance.

In this live session, Damian Peach, photography expert and pro astronomer, will give you a rundown of the latest and greatest in Celestron technology. Damian will take you through the equipment needed for astro photography, varied in price to showcase the good, better and best that Celestron have to offer. He will focus on features of the products, talk through the settings and setup, share sample shots to showcase the capabilities of the range, and answer any questions you may have.

Throughout the session, Damian will answer your questions live. If you would like to ask something specific in advance, include it in the relevant field at the point of registration.

The session will appeal to enthusiasts and pros alike, as well as photographers, videographers and content creators of any level who have no intention to buy!

Facebook link provided prior to the start of this course. Register here to ask a question in advance.

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Damian Peach

Damian Peach

Peach's passion for Astronomy first began in 1988 inspired by books in his school library. Later he joined the British Astronomical Association (BAA) in 1996, and has since contributed large amounts of observations to the various observing sections. He has also written and co-authored many papers in the organizations journal. He was awarded the organisations prestigious Merlin Medal in 2006. The same year he was also awarded the Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (ALPO) Walter H. Haas Award.

Peach has provided astronomical images for magazines and books throughout his career. His images have featured in Astronomy Magazine, Sky & Telescope, Astronomy Now & The Sky at Night. Peach has also been a co-author on several professional scientific papers on planetary astronomy, especially regarding work on Mars and Jupiter. He was one of only a few amateur astronomers to have work featured as part of the national Explorers of the Universe exhibition at the Royal Albert Hall in 2007. His work has also appeared at the Edinburgh Science Festival, and The Royal Greenwich Observatory.